Featured Design - "Fleur"

When planning a vintage garden or chic floral inspired wedding, our "Fleur" design is the perfect fit for you!  The vintage hand sketched florals that frame the invitation, makes this design take on an overall beautiful and delicate look.  Our featured customized client design looks gorgeous in champagne, rose and azalea colored papers.  The colors work so well together, don't you think?!  The invitation suite was upgraded with a nice ribbon band wrapped around of the back of the invitation backing layer.  This provides a nice presentation for the insert cards once the set is tucked away into the envelope.

Featured Design - "Bird & Bloom"

When planning a garden or shabby chic inspired wedding, our "Bird & Bloom" design is the perfect fit for you!  The hand drawn floral and bird artwork makes this design have such a romantic and soft feel.  This invitation suite features an invitation panel with an upgraded invitation backing layer and coordinating response card with envelope and additional insert card.  The floral design on the envelope adds such a lovely touch!

Choosing the Right Fonts for Your Wedding Invitations

Choosing the best font for your invitations can be easy or a challenge depending upon how you approach it.  The designs in our gallery feature a different fonts that were expertly paired with that particular design.  The easy approach would be to keep the same font as shown in the invitation, but the challenging part could be to change the font to change the tone of the invitation.  Today we'll focus on selecting the best script (cursive) type style for your invitations.

Using the Script Type image above as our reference we'll list the font numbers that would match with the tone of your wedding.  Notice that there are fonts repeated in different sections, this is because when paired with different graphics the overall look will change!  Have fun selecting your perfect font!

FORMAL/BLACK TIE = #'s 1, 13, 16

OPULENT/GLAMOROUS = #'s 7, 13, 14, 17

TRADITIONAL/ELEGANT = 1, 5, 6, 10, 16, 18, 20, 25

CASUAL = #'s 2, 9, 11, 19, 21, 26

MODERN = #'s 22, 23, 26, 27


WHIMSICAL = #'s 8, 12, 24

VINTAGE = #'s 3, 10, 24

Common misspelled words when proofing your invitation

Today we'd like to share some commonly misspelled words to make sure there are no accidental snafus on your printed wedding invitations! These words can be tricky because they may not be caught with spell check. The best way to proofread your invitation is to print out your proof and physically read, and also read it backwards to catch those tricky words...trust us, it works! Lastly, have at least one to two other pair of eyes review it for you as well. When you are staring at the same proof every day, it is very hard to catch mistakes.

Take note of the list below and happy invitation proofing!
-Aisle vs Isle
-Altar vs Alter
-Night vs Nite
-To vs Too
-Tomorrow vs Tommorrow
-Until vs Untill
-Presence vs Presense
-Twelve vs Tweleve (check all numbers!)
-Accommodations vs Accomodations
-Double check the spelling of parents names, if listed
-Double check the spelling of all of your venues

PLUME INSPIRES :: Color Crushing on orange


 Have you set a date? What are your colors? These two questions are always the first kinds of questions asked after the  engagment. Here's how to find inspiration to make your chosen colors become a statement for the rest of your wedding. This featured color palette can give your wedding style, energy, and set the tone for a romantic Fall wedding. They say Orange is the color of happiness, creativity, and warmth. All whimsical elements of Autumn. A fall color palette can inspire an intimate feeling that feels much like comfort food; good for the soul. Orange being a bright color that can be added to pigmented shades like cranberry or bronze is a great idea as well! These are a few inspirational ideas to inspire you along the way. Be sure to go to our Instagram page for our collection of color inspiration. 






I'm sure we've all found ourselves asking why some people forget to return their response cards. The main reason people may forget to send return cards is, THEY HAVE MISPLACED THE INVITATION. I know what you're thinking as you read this, my beautiful invitation that I customized to fit the perfect theme and style of my day, which is going to be the celebration of the year. How could you misplace it! But it's true people will receive your Wedding Invitation well in advance and may forget to send it back in. So grab your notes or phones and get ready to screenshot this article.


1. HAVE YOUR RESPONSE ENEVELOPES PRE-STAMPED. Providing a stamped envelope makes it easy for your guests to put the response card in the mailbox the same day they receive the invitation. If they are planning to attend, this step is impossible to overlook because you have provided them with everything they need except for a pen.


2. NUMBER THE BACK OF ALL YOUR R.S.V.P. CARDS. Numbering your response cards that correspond with your address spreadsheet, or seating chart, allows you to keep track of guests by name and number. In case someone forgots to include their name on the designated lines of the response card you will have a number that represents their spot. When you begin to receive cards back, all you will need to do is cross their name off of the list.

3. FOLLOW UP WITH A PHONE CALL. This may be is a tricky one , but repeat after me. "Hi Aunt Rose, how are you? I was calling to see if you have received my wedding invitation? (she will go look for it) and then you say, Are you planning to attend?, Ok well if you can please fill out the response card and place in the mail we look forward to seeing you there!" and Done, some people will need a friendly reminder to return the card. Blame their head not their hearts.


4. One of my favorites here in "Stationery Land" MAKE IT FUN AND INTERACTIVE. It is after all one of the biggest moments of your life and you want to share it with the most important people. You can leave a space to ask guests, What's their favorite memory of the bride or groom?, DJ song request? Not only will guests feel involved with the details you will get your response card and dj playlist taken care all at once.

There you have it, 4 of the best tricks to get your response cards back making it easier for your guests, your planner, yourself, your caterer and most importantly, me, your stationery designer when it's time to turn in your escort list!

xoxo, Your Stationery Designer 




It's time to start planning the design for your invitations and you find yourself really want something simple but yet something with a wow factor!   If the cost of a custom invitation with all the bells and whistles isn't agreeing with the budget, don't worry, flat panel style invitations are not dead you just have to find ways to dress them up! You can be fashionable and layer your invitations just as you would with your clothing.  We've finally reached fall, which means it's fashion season and time to play with all of the classics pieces such as a cute cardigan sweater, the latest plaid button up and who can forget scarves all play off a basic tee. We're going to show you how the art of layering clothing can be used to layer your flat panel style invitations. When styling your outfit you start with the main piece and build from there by adding accessories. With Invitations that same technique can be used. Decide what kind of invitation, a flat panel or double-sided panel, etc and start adding your layers. Ribbons, crystals, calligraphy font or multiple layered paper choices. It's like bringing your fashion to paper! Be sure to check out the customization section of the website for different ways you can interchange our invitation collection and truly make it your own.  Have fun and happy layering!



Why You Should Use Vibrant Colors In Your Fall Wedding

Photo by storybookweddings

Photo by storybookweddings

Autumn has arrived and I'm convinced that it is truly the season for falling in love... There is so much natural inspiration to choose the perfect color palette for your wedding. This years fall trends are all about woodland motifs, garlands, metallics, and bright non-traditional colors. From the seasonal fruits, to the changing of tree leaves you are sure to find your personal feel for this special day and make the color energy extend to your stationery suite. Here's your chance to intertwine your favorite features with a fall feel all done through color. The Plume Collection's "Exquisite" design is perfect for Fall! Here are two examples of the same invite customized in different colors and fonts to show you how you can add your own personal touch. You, in fact, are the Co-Designer with Plume's predesigned invitations.

The first design uses modern bright fall colors, red with a turquoise accent and a beautiful fancy script font.


Or you can pair a Merlot wine color with a pop of orange and add an invitation backing layer in the Merlot to match the colors of your design. Both invitations are vibrant and intimate in the autumn color scheme.


It's a fact people love pretty paper! At least we would like to think so! Earthy hues mixed with a burst of color is a rich representation of autumn. In this collection you can choose your colors that will introduce the tone and style to your guests. Invitations, day of programs and any other little detail are branded to not only capture your wedding colors but brand your entire experience. And then the magic happens , capturing the mood you've always envisioned. I'm sure you've heard this many times, but your Invitations will set the tone for your wedding and paint the picture months before your guests will attend. 

The romance of autumn is irreplaceable so grab your cup of hot chocolate, and a blanket to snuggle and start planning your fall wedding colors.  

Airmail Inspired Invitation Suite

Our airmail inspired invitation suite sets the tone for your destination or travel themed wedding!  Guests will be excited by the imagery of the airplane and travel stamps featured in this design.  Make it your own by customizing the paper, fonts, colors and wording!

travel themed invitation

Design Inspiration | Abstract Peacock Collection

I hope you're loving our new collection of wedding invitation designs thus far.  The Winter 2013 collection has received rave reviews so far and we're so excited and looking forward to working with lots of great couples this year!

As a new design series, we'd like to feature an inspiration board that serves at inspiration for each of the designs in the collection.  First up is the Abstract Peacock Design Collection.  

This is a great design inspired by the colors and style of the peacock themed wedding without making the invitations to literal.  You get the same feel and style without it being overdone!