I'm sure we've all found ourselves asking why some people forget to return their response cards. The main reason people may forget to send return cards is, THEY HAVE MISPLACED THE INVITATION. I know what you're thinking as you read this, my beautiful invitation that I customized to fit the perfect theme and style of my day, which is going to be the celebration of the year. How could you misplace it! But it's true people will receive your Wedding Invitation well in advance and may forget to send it back in. So grab your notes or phones and get ready to screenshot this article.


1. HAVE YOUR RESPONSE ENEVELOPES PRE-STAMPED. Providing a stamped envelope makes it easy for your guests to put the response card in the mailbox the same day they receive the invitation. If they are planning to attend, this step is impossible to overlook because you have provided them with everything they need except for a pen.


2. NUMBER THE BACK OF ALL YOUR R.S.V.P. CARDS. Numbering your response cards that correspond with your address spreadsheet, or seating chart, allows you to keep track of guests by name and number. In case someone forgots to include their name on the designated lines of the response card you will have a number that represents their spot. When you begin to receive cards back, all you will need to do is cross their name off of the list.

3. FOLLOW UP WITH A PHONE CALL. This may be is a tricky one , but repeat after me. "Hi Aunt Rose, how are you? I was calling to see if you have received my wedding invitation? (she will go look for it) and then you say, Are you planning to attend?, Ok well if you can please fill out the response card and place in the mail we look forward to seeing you there!" and Done, some people will need a friendly reminder to return the card. Blame their head not their hearts.


4. One of my favorites here in "Stationery Land" MAKE IT FUN AND INTERACTIVE. It is after all one of the biggest moments of your life and you want to share it with the most important people. You can leave a space to ask guests, What's their favorite memory of the bride or groom?, DJ song request? Not only will guests feel involved with the details you will get your response card and dj playlist taken care all at once.

There you have it, 4 of the best tricks to get your response cards back making it easier for your guests, your planner, yourself, your caterer and most importantly, me, your stationery designer when it's time to turn in your escort list!

xoxo, Your Stationery Designer