Common misspelled words when proofing your invitation

Today we'd like to share some commonly misspelled words to make sure there are no accidental snafus on your printed wedding invitations! These words can be tricky because they may not be caught with spell check. The best way to proofread your invitation is to print out your proof and physically read, and also read it backwards to catch those tricky us, it works! Lastly, have at least one to two other pair of eyes review it for you as well. When you are staring at the same proof every day, it is very hard to catch mistakes.

Take note of the list below and happy invitation proofing!
-Aisle vs Isle
-Altar vs Alter
-Night vs Nite
-To vs Too
-Tomorrow vs Tommorrow
-Until vs Untill
-Presence vs Presense
-Twelve vs Tweleve (check all numbers!)
-Accommodations vs Accomodations
-Double check the spelling of parents names, if listed
-Double check the spelling of all of your venues