"I love one of the designs but my wedding is a different color scheme.  Can it be changed?"
Absolutely!  All of our catalog designs can be personalized with your color choices.  Please review the color palette under the customize link to view an extensive collection of 80 colors to choose from!

"The fonts on this design are perfect, can I keep them that way?"
Yes, feel free to leave the shown type styles as is in order to keep the same look the way our professional designer has presented it.

"How long will it take to receive my order once I have sent my wording and deposit?"
Depending upon how quickly we receive your feedback on any revisions, the entire design and production process usually takes around 3-5 weeks or less.

"Will you proofread my order?"
No proof reading is done while designing your proofs.  We highly recommend you have at least one other person read over all of your proofs to check for spelling or grammatical errors.  We will need your final approval before the order can go into production.

"What shipping method do you use, and how much does it cost?"
All orders are shipped via Fedex ground unless expedited shipping is requested.  Shipping & Handling costs is a flat rate of $20.00 per order.  A tracking # and insurance protection is provided for all orders.

"What method of payment do you accept?"
All payments are accepted via credit card either through PayPal online or by contacting us directly with your credit card information.

"I' didn't find the perfect design featured in the collection, can you custom design one for me?"
Definitely, we'd love to!  The custom design fee for a full collection is $250.00 along with the set printing prices as shown on our website.  If you're looking for a couture custom design process, please contact our parent company Lepenn Designs, LLC.

"The prices are so affordable, does this mean that the quality is cheap?"
No, not at all!  The quality of paper, printing and designs were not sacrificed with the creation of this new collections.  We researched the best options in order to provide you with the best pricing options available. We encourage you to purchase a sample to see exactly what we mean!

"I'd like to see a printed sample prior to ordering my invitations, can this be ordered?"
Yes, and we highly recommend ordering a sample pack from us.  Samples packs are $10 each and include various printed pieces on at least two different card stock options, typestyle list and a printed color palette.  Send us a message through the contact page and feel free to let us know of any particular design that you may want, if available.  Sample packs are not able to be personalized.